Best Adult Baby Forehead Thermometer Aicare A66 thermometer Infrared contactless termometro gun thermometer

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•Working voltage : DC3V
•battery: AAA*2
•Operation mode :continuous work
•display mode : LCD screen
•Measuring time: 0.5s
•measuring distance: 5—10cm
•Temperature modes : ℃/°F
•measurement range:
•body temperature: 32.0℃-42.2℃(89.6°f-108.0°f)
•Accuracy : ±0.3℃ /±0.6°f
•fever Alarm : 37.5℃</t<42.2℃(99.5°f-108.0°f)
•memories: 32 data
•Backlight: Green
•auto off time: 10s</t<42.2℃(99.5°f-108.0°f)

12 reviews for Best Adult Baby Forehead Thermometer Aicare A66 thermometer Infrared contactless termometro gun thermometer

  1. Miranda

    This works great so far. It’s super super easy to use. Just switch modes and point and pull the trigger. I love that I can use it without waking my 6 month old daughter if needed. And also even when she’s awake since it’s hard to get babies to sit still. Also my 4 year old.And then I can switch to grt the temp of objects, or my daughter’s bottle or bath water.Love it!Seems accurate as far as I can tell!

  2. DIPS

    This is an excellent digital thermometer. It will give you a very accurate reading in just seconds. I actually tried and compared with other thermometers to see if the reading was accurate, and it was on point. It’s very light and the best past is that, it is absolutely touchless, just hold it in front of your forehead without touching, and it will show you your body’s temperature in seconds. Batteries are very easy to install and it shuts off automatically after a few minutes. During this pandemic, this is a very nice thermometer to have handy and make sure anyone entering your house of coming into close contact with you doesn’t have a fever (major symptom of the COVID-19)Will definitely recommend buying this item to friends and family.

  3. Jing Yi

    This forehead thermometer was something that I needed not only because of COVID-19, and living in a highly infected area, but also because my previous ear thermometer broke and I don’t have any other means of measuring my temperature. I thought that rather than an ear thermometer again, why not get a forehead one which is so much quicker cleaner and easier to use.Pros:1. It is no contact so that really helps for viruses such as COVID-192. It changes color if you are at risk for fever or have higher temperature than normal3. It can change between Celsius and Fahrenheit for different users4. It has up to 10 saved entries as a memory function5. It can not only measure people’s temperature, but also objects which is super useful!Cons:1. So far I haven’t found any issues with this, and found it VERY light and almost fooled me because it looked like a toy, but upon checking at the doctors it is actually a very accurate reading! Don’t underestimate this nifty little tool!Overall I’m very happy with this purchase and it seems like a very simply made little machine but can last a very long time because it is so. It has an accurate reading and no contact measure, and really serves its put close during this time!

  4. Stephen P.

    My seven year old loves the challenge of taking everyone’s temperature every morning and at night. Today she even checked the gerbil’s temperatures (we have two). It has been a great educational tool for her to learn about temperature with also measuring concrete in the sun yesterday (106 deg) and concrete in the shade of the porch (86 deg). It has two modes — people and objects. The people mode is just that. The object mode goes up (apparently) to 199 degrees. We tried to measure the temperature of the stovetop but it said “Hi” meaning the temperature was too high for it to read. It seems very accurate and we’re excited to have this health (and learning) tool in our home. Thanks for a great product!

  5. Kevin C

     Great thermal reading gun. Works exactly like advertised and more. I was just hoping to thermometer as a reading for people, but turns out ti reads static temperatures of objects as well which can be handy during other occasions. It offers a 10 slot memory which comes in handy when testing multiple subjects and the user interface is very easy as it only has 3 buttons. 1 to switch through the two modes, 2 for memory slots, and 3 for temperature cel v fer.It gives you an alert when it approaches mildly high temps as well as overly high temps with a color scheme too. Overall very happy with my purchase.

  6. Bigalo Dickmas

    Thermometer delivers on every front! There is a beeping mechanism that allows you to know when the temperature has registered when checking your own temperature. There are three color codes that make it easy to know whether your temperature is high or normal. Green yellow and red for healthy, borderline high and a high temperature. I use this mostly for when I have people inside the house for maintenance or for handiwork and it gives me the peace of mind that everyone who is around me at the times at least does not register a higher than normal temperature. The unit is also very lightweight and portable, the auto shut off feature will prevent the battery from getting accidentally drained as well. A great product and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a touch less thermometer.

  7. Dallas

    My baby doesn’t even notice when I take his temperature Just aim at the forehead and click. No contact, no contamination. This thermometer is definitely a necessity for every household. Overall this is an awesome product that is simple to use straight out of the box. It is great – immediate results, super intuitive to use. This thermometer really helps. I compared the reading with the regular thermometer, they were the same, so I’d say it’s accurate too. Good purchase.

  8. Amanda Williams

    I was surprised at how accurate this was because I’ve tried other forehead scanner thermometers and they were totally inaccurate. I compared with my temporal thermometer and my ear thermometer and they were all within 1 degree of each other. I think that is as close as you can get!

  9. Jessica M

     I bought this thermometer and I really liked it, it is simple to use and it is super easy to charge, to work it just needs to put two batteries, and it also has the function of reaching the temperature of liquids, like baby bottle, I really liked it, very much useful.:-) 

  10. Ver. Ka

    Great to have around for just about anything. I actually use it to measure the temp of my engine block before I start working on my car. I’ll use it to test the temp of the stove elements. No more of that burn your finger by tapping shenanigans. Seems to last quite some time with two AAA batteries.

  11. Susann Masson

    I bought this strictly because my husband is considered an essential worker during this COVID pandemic. We use it when he leaves in the morning and when he comes home in the evening. Lightweight and easy to use. Instructions are clear and concise. Thermometers have come a long way since I was a child. This is so worth the money.
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  12. Wendi Raver

    This non-contact infrared thermometer is working well in a virus pandemic right now since we don’t’ want to spread the disease. We used it to check the temperature of everyone in our house. Very easy to use just three buttons, easily switch from C to F degree. Hold the trigger to turn in on and point it to someone’s head and get a reading, and it will turn off automatically when not in use. Very nice design, easy to hold and point, and it looks great, highly recommended.

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