Antibacterial 99.9% Efficient 237ml 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel

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Product name
Free shipping no-rinse antibacterial 99.9% efficient 237ml 70% alcohol hand sanitizer gel
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Home, banks, hospitals, schools, casinos, travel, etc.
8 fl oz /237ml / bottle
Supply capacity
5,000,000 piece per month
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5-10 days after receive the payment


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17 reviews for Antibacterial 99.9% Efficient 237ml 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel

  1. Flava

    Gorgeous peach scent and feels lovely going on. I bought it for my significant.

  2. Meaghan

    I have been an Instant customer for a while now. I love their lotions. I never knew they made hand sanitizer until I stumbled upon it on Xpresshoping. After reading the reviews I had to purchase it for myself. I typically don’t spend so much money on hand sanitizer, but YOLO, right? Well, I am so happy with this purchase. The hand sanitizer smells amazing! Another person described it as smelling like Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell” and it sure does. I did notice immediately after using it the difference in my hand’s softness. I work in retail so I’m constantly sanitizing my hands after touching money, shaking people’s hands, and during flu season. Normally my hands would pay the price for the constant sanitizing and would be very dry. This hand sanitizer really does work wonders and helps keep them soft and moisturized. I will definitely be purchasing more of this when I run out. 

  3. ColeMc3

     I will encase it in gold and put it on a shelf to remind myself to check on those product sizes…

  4. Sabrina

    I keep a bottle of this at work and use it after commuting in on the always variable, NYC subway. I love this product! The scent is really nice and in need to use hand sanitizer fairly often when traveling, this is the only one I’ve used that doesn’t dry out my hands. , but it’s lasted me 4 months already and I still have a lot left. I use it probably twice a day and have filled those little travel-sized hand sanitizer bottles with it. I will buy another when I’m out.

  5. Michael Rollings

    My hands dry out in the winter, but I want to keep the cough & cold germs off, so I ordered it since it was a moisturizing sanitizer. What the item does not say anywhere in the description is that it is scented, and it is absurdly strong. It takes over the car or any small room. My hands smelled like a perfume fragrance for hours. I was just looking for a sanitizer + moisturizer combo. I guess I’ll keep looking.

  6. Erin M

    I love figured I’d give it a try. Works just as it should and leaves no sticky after use.

  7. Likegreen

    Strong smell. It wont go away until washing hands 10times.

  8. Amy

     I ordered before the pandemic and it came in  I got after pandemic started and was advertised. I went ahead and purchased it.

  9. Carrie; )

    Smells great like the brand is known for but this stuff leaves a sticky feeling on your hands and the pump drops- goopy. I’ll go back to bath and body works hand sanitizer. Bummer…

  10. Robert Cooprider

    work in medical clinic, always washing hands and using hand sanitizer – this stuff is a great relief from the industrial stuff they get at the clinic. Does actually moisturize too! Impressive.

  11. Isadora Heer

    This hand sanitizer has a unique smell and not everyone in my family likes it. The good thing is it does not make your hands dry like most hand sanitizers do

  12. Carla Poole

    I love the quality of this hand sanitizer. It doesn’t dry out the skin.

  13. Joseph Garreau

    I will be seeking other options in the future. I will give an update if my thoughts change while using it. stay tuned

  14. Gage Edmonds

    My chiropractor had this and we really enjoyed the scent. Found it on Amazon, quick shipping, and decent price.

  15. Roderick Roth

    The scent is very nice for both men and women. The moisturizing is very effective. I have no dry, discolored hands afterward. In fact, my hands feel soft and smooth. I highly recommend this product!

  16. Nour Hartman

    I was using Naked Bee moisturizing sanitizer. That stuff is expensive for a smaller bottle. I am very pleased with this stuff for the money. I am going to buy more

  17. Lanie Edwin

    Love this!!! Scent is amazing and does not dry your hands when used often. Have bought 3 times. Nice amount for money and long lasting. I always get complemeted on my perfume and people want to know the brand. Surprised when I say hand sanitizer. Wish they had fragrance in mist, perfume, lotion, etc. Would definitely buy them!!

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